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Essential Depot is dedicated to supplying the the best Soap and Cosmetic Making products and services to its customers. In addition Essential Depot (at provides extensive informational resources and tools to enable its customers to differentiate the products they make, with the ingredients they purchase from Essential Depot.

Only Essential Depot customers that are Premium members have access to the extensive research Essential Depot has done on the "Ayurvedic Attributes" of the products it provides.

Here is are examples of the information you will be able to access as a premium member => Lavender Essential Oil
Bergamot Essential Oil

The password for access to the ayurvedic research is listed at the bottom of the available promo codes at this address:

Type the password obtained at this address in the box below and click on login to access this extensive ayurvedic resource.

As a premium member you have access to all Essential Depot promo codes, the option of adding free samples to every order; and in January 2017 you will be able to license the use of the Essential Depot Greener Life Diamond for a nominal $1 licensing fee.