Bornyl acetate

Bornyl acetate is a colorless liquid with the molecular formula C10H17OOCCH3. It has the characteristic piney-camphoraceous aroma.


Because of its aroma, it is used in perfumes and for flavoring. It is used in air care products, cleaning and furnishing care products, detergents, personal care products and plastic and rubber products.

Anti-inflammatory activity and analgesic:

Bornyl acetate exhibit anti-inflammatory property and it is used as an analgesic. In the study, “A Review on Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Monoterpenes”, it was stated that bornyl acetate which is the main constituent of the volatile oil of Amomum villosum, possess analgesic and anti-inflammatory activities because of its ability to decrease the writhing reaction caused by acetic acid and the pain caused by the hot-plate, and to suppress ear swelling caused by dimethylbenzene.

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