Health Benefits of Tobacco: The Most Impressive Crop

Please don’t look at me like that!!… I’m perfectly alright and I am writing this post with all my six senses working absolutely fine. Tobacco was originally celebrated as a sacred crop, which was a vital part of many religious ceremonies and other rituals. It was considered as a gift from the Creator by the Aboriginal people and was highly esteemed by the First Nations Culture.

A popular research says that tobacco was the most significant plant in the spiritual lives of the native North Americans till the advent of Europeans, after which the traditional crop turned hazardous with its increased non-traditional use. There are many evidences that prove the cultivation of tobacco for more than 8,000 years. I personally love calling tobacco as the most impressive crop as I love it from the bottom of my heart!!! (Smiling:)? Means you too love it? Nothing wrong…Come on let’s share our joy by reading its apparent health benefits).

According to the ancient healing systems like Ayurveda, tobacco was used to treat numerous health disorders and it has also been proven by certain modern research studies as well. The most significant health benefits of tobacco are:

  1. Future treatment for cancer: 3 Professors of the University of Louisiana at Monroe (ULM) were awarded a patent for their fantabulous discovery of the anticancer prototype compounds present in the waxy material of the fresh tobacco leaves evidencing their capability to control prostate and breast cancers. Dr. Khalid El Sayed, the Associate Professor of Medicinal Chemistry at ULM said, ‘The leaf and flower of Nicotiana tabacum, as tobacco is scientifically known, contain high amounts of the key flavor ingredient called cembranoids. Interestingly, cembranoid ingredients of tobacco show great promise as anticancer agents. The high incidence and death rate of breast and prostate cancer types emphasize the need for new strategies’. With its neuroprotective and tough tumor restraining properties cembranoids is trusted to be the future treatment for chronic cancers.
  2. Aid for tooth and ear problems: When you think of tobacco and its effects on mouth and teeth, you are often threatened with the thoughts of throat and oral cancer. Don’t get panic and here’s a good news that the powder extracted from the dried tobacco leaves when fried for 3 minutes along with the equal proportion of black pepper powder is trusted have greater benefits for teeth and gums in treating bleeding gums, toothache, cavities, halitosis, yellow stains on the teeth and few other. Few drops of fresh tobacco juice extracted from its leaves when dropped into the ear have been proven to aid hearing and few other ear disorders.
  3. Treats depression: The Duke scientists in 2006 came up with a tantalizing news that people with depression revealed a tremendous decrease in their depression after being treated with nicotine patches. Nicotine is a rich chemical compound present in tobacco and this research proved the direct link between nicotine and a subjective increase in the discharge of two essential neurotransmitters namely dopamine and serotonin, the lack of which is regarded as a major cause for depression.
  4. Skin infections: Tobacco contains the skin-friendly Vitamin C, which has been effective in treating various skin disorders like eczema, burns and other skin infections. It’s also been said that chewing tobacco keeps your skin healthy as it releases Vitamin C while chewing.
  5. Effective treatment for Alopecia and Dandruff: A herbal preparation made with virgin coconut oil and powdered tobacco along with the Ayurvedic combinations like Bhringraj and Triphala Churnam is said to have positive effects on dandruff and Alopecia areata means baldness or hair loss in round patches.
  6. Best first aid for venomous Snake bite: Fresh tobacco leaves was trusted as the best first aid for venomous snake bites. For this, 50 grams of tobacco leaves is made into a paste and is mixed with 1 liter of water. The water is then filtered and given to the affected person, after which he vomits the snake poison along with this medicated liquid. The remaining tobacco leaves paste is then applied on the affected area to reduce the intensity of poison.
  7. Few other health conditions: Tobacco leaves have incidental proofs in treating few other health conditions like rheumatism, knee pain, night-blindness, swollen throat, tuberculosis, asthma and many others by using it in various ways either as a poultice, herbal decoction or in medicated oils.

Chewing tobacco strengthens your facial muscles and is also a good exercise for your jaw. It makes you charged instantly than your cup of coffee or tea can do in energizing you. With all these health benefits, the use of tobacco, the very next time will have something to succor your heart and uplift your mind but still take heed that overuse has much more adverse effects than these health benefits listed above…. Happy Chewing:) (but with care and concern, after all your health is your real wealth).

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