Ayurvedic Essential Oils for Adding Strength to Toddler’s Health

Babies who learn to walk are called Toddlers. What an awesome sight it is to see your little one take up his/her initial steps with interest and adventure!! We being adults have a lot to learn from toddlers who never give up even though they fail hundreds of times, while they are trying to walk. Every single day during this stage, generally when they are 1 or 2 years old, i.e. the time connecting infancy and childhood is incredibly imperative in a child’s life, as it gets to grow in a plenty of ways. What toddlers actually need at this stage is the love, strength and support from their parents along with certain healthy practices that make them grow with a sturdy foundation for their lifetime. Nutritious food, hygienic habits and an energizing massage with Ayurvedic essential oils can give them the real power in strengthening their muscles and nourish their skin.

Ayurveda and toddlers:  Ayurveda states that this is the phase for complete physical, emotional, social and intellectual development for children. A baby is considered as an individual in Ayurveda from its birth itself. Ayurveda treats every newborn as a unique creation with distinctive state of body and mind, known as doshas namely vata, pitta and kapha. Every one of us will have one or two doshas as predominant in our character with the remaining one as less important.

Vata babies are generally lean and find it difficult to gain weight, prone to colic and constipation with dry skin. These fearful babies do not sleep well and can be easily disturbed during sleep. They are extremely brilliant in learning new things.

Pitta predominant toddlers have a good appetite and they may tend to suffer from digestive disorders like diarrhea and heartburn, skin problems like eczema and rashes, due to the imbalance in pitta dosha. With a strong body, these babies have an average weight. Pitta toddlers have a tendency to get angry very easily and are really active during the day with a moderate sleep at night.

Attractive, chubby and mesmerizing babies, often under limelight are all the ones with high proportion of kapha in their constitution. These toddlers are really close and attached to their moms than anyone else. They share things with other babies and are the well-behaved ones unlike the toddlers with vata or pitta predominance. Kapha toddlers are often hungry and have a deep sleep with less response to noise and other disturbances. Kapha imbalance might end up in cold, cough, obesity, sinusitis, sluggishness, lethargic behavior etc.

Identifying the doshas in your children with their behavior will help you greatly for being the best parents in attending to your toddler’s health concerns wisely.

Ayurvedic essential oils for Toddlers: Essential oils are just the purest element of a plant just like a baby who is a purest form of innocence and love. These oils when used with care and precaution will help your toddlers in many aspects while they are still learning to grow in a multitude number of ways. The most appealing and the safest Ayurvedic essential oils for toddlers are:

1. Lavender essential oil: How can someone forget lavender oil, the therapeutic properties and its gentle healing remedies when it comes to babies especially? Diluting 2 drops of Lavender essential oil in 2 tablespoons of Almond oil or Jojoba oil can act as the best massage oil for toddlers. This blend helps in nourishing their skin and augments the strength of their muscles. It induces good sleep and it is a perfect choice for fuzzy toddlers with vata predominance, often having difficulties in sleeping. Few drops of lavender essential oil can also be added to the diffuser mainly before bedtime. Diaper rashes, skin problems, fever and sleep disorders especially during illness can be assisted with the help of lavender oil and its calming aroma.

2. Roman Chamomile essential oil: Most of the mommies might have come across this situation, where you might not know why your baby is actually crying and if it is going to be the nighttime then it’s gone, as it would spoil the peaceful sleep of the entire family. The best Ayurvedic essential oil that can help you in such worst case scenarios is Roman Chamomile essential oil. Add a drop of this oil to your baby’s pillow or to a cotton ball and place it inside your shirt, near your shoulders. When you try pacifying your toddler, the warmth of your body along with the gentle aroma of Chamomile oil will help them sleep peacefully.

3. Tea Tree essential oil: Tea tree oil is extremely good for toddlers, especially at times of treating cold, earache, tonsillitis and other pain related to babies of this stage. You can bank upon this miraculous oil for treating skin problems like itches due to insect bites, diaper rashes, healing bruises and cuts that are common among toddlers who are deeply vested with their journey excavating new things every day. With its effective anti-bacterial properties, one drop of tea tree oil added to baby wipe solutions can protect your baby from harmful germs, bacteria and other infectious bodies.

When your toddler steps ahead his/her life with 1 2 3…… you support them with these oils, 1 for Lavender, 2 for Roman Chamomile and 3 for Tea tree oil. Sounds great to me and it will be spectacular indeed to you also, when you start using these greatest gifts of nature to your loved little ones. Give my love and Muahhhhhhhhhhh…………To the little Princes and Princesses of your families.

Disclaimer: Consult with your Ayurvedic Practitioner before using Ayurvedic essential oils for your toddlers as pure essential oils are highly concentrated and may harm your babies if used without proper consultation.

Thought for the day:

What good mothers and fathers instinctively feel like doing for their babies is usually best after all.                            -By Benjamin Spock

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