Ayurveda Treatment: A Holistic Way Of Healing Mankind

With the cosmic development in the space of science and medicine, there are advanced surgical methods and instant remedies for addressing human illness. In this digital epoch, it may sound silly to talk about the age old method of healing named Ayurveda, with the use of medicinal plants, Ayurvedic essential oils, minerals, fats and extracts from animals. You may even feel like travelling on a handcart besides the presence of millions of advanced means of transport when someone says that Ayurveda treatment is the best approach to holistic healing. If you are uttering a concrete ‘YES’ to the above statements them I’m sorry to say that you are on the wrong side of the coin.

Ayurveda treatment is the mother of all healing sciences in the world and has an oldest history of about 5000 years. Anything right from a minor headache till the chronic cancer has natural remedies in Ayurvedic treatment. The exact meaning for the word Ayurveda stands as ‘knowledge of life’. This tranquil approach of curing aims at treating the person’s physical and mental health and not the actual ailment that has put him off. By doing this, Ayurveda helps to unearth the actual root cause of the problem and assist you in treating the sickness as well as prevent it from occurring again. According to Ayurveda, an individual is a unification of the mind, the spirit and the physical body. With this hard-hitting principle underlying, this natural therapeutic science trusts the whole body, psyche and the inner spirit to be treated together instead of treating the bodily disease alone.

The real effects of this remedial practice have been proved evidently with its uncompromising conquest and the chain progression even after thousands of challenging years with new-fangled remedial means. The theory of Ayurveda emphasizes on three important things namely raising a hale and hearty metabolism, resulting in apposite digestion, ultimately supported by a good excretory system for a happy life in the pink. It also encourages people in involving themselves in meditation, regular exercises and rejuvenating yoga practices for a complete living.

Swallowing pills for each and every sickness can only pretend to be the right remedy but temporarily. If this state continues, unfortunately the quantity of medicines you consume per day will be greater the amount of food you ingest. With Ayurveda treatment, most of the health conditions have been addressed with a single medication as your medicines are decided only after scrutinizing your corporeal, emotional, environmental, intellectual, social, spiritual and nutritional aspects that form a part of your daily routine. Say for example, you may suffer with sleepless nights and feel sick and dozy with distressing pain in the body and experiencing total depression due to your stressful and hectic schedule. If you are to take prescription medicines for all these conditions, then trust me you will be forced to take at least 4 different medicines for insomnia, depression, body pain and tiredness but if you choose Ayurveda, a soothing massage with the calming lavender essential oil can wholly wipe away your illness and help you regain your health with a new life in it.

Yes! This is the kind of magic and ultimate relief that Ayurveda treatment can proffer you and that is why it is rightly called as a holistic way of healing mankind.

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