Health Benefits of Tobacco: The Most Impressive Crop

Please don’t look at me like that!!… I’m perfectly alright and I am writing this post with all my six senses working absolutely fine. Tobacco was originally celebrated as a sacred crop, which was a vital part of many religious ceremonies and other rituals. It was considered as a gift from the Creator by the Aboriginal people and was highly esteemed by the First Nations Culture.

A popular research says that tobacco was the most significant plant in the spiritual lives of the native North Americans till the advent of Europeans, after which the traditional crop turned hazardous with its increased non-traditional use. There are many evidences that prove the cultivation of tobacco for more than 8,000 years. I personally love calling tobacco as the most impressive crop as I love it from the bottom of my heart!!! (Smiling:)? Means you too love it? Nothing wrong…Come on let’s share our joy by reading its apparent health benefits).

According to the ancient healing systems like Ayurveda, tobacco was used to treat numerous health disorders and it has also been proven by certain modern research studies as well. The most significant health benefits of tobacco are:

  1. Future treatment for cancer: 3 Professors of the University of Louisiana at Monroe (ULM) were awarded a patent for their fantabulous discovery of the anticancer prototype compounds present in the waxy material of the fresh tobacco leaves evidencing their capability to control prostate and breast cancers. Dr. Khalid El Sayed, the Associate Professor of Medicinal Chemistry at ULM said, ‘The leaf and flower of Nicotiana tabacum, as tobacco is scientifically known, contain high amounts of the key flavor ingredient called cembranoids. Interestingly, cembranoid ingredients of tobacco show great promise as anticancer agents. The high incidence and death rate of breast and prostate cancer types emphasize the need for new strategies’. With its neuroprotective and tough tumor restraining properties cembranoids is trusted to be the future treatment for chronic cancers.
  2. Aid for tooth and ear problems: When you think of tobacco and its effects on mouth and teeth, you are often threatened with the thoughts of throat and oral cancer. Don’t get panic and here’s a good news that the powder extracted from the dried tobacco leaves when fried for 3 minutes along with the equal proportion of black pepper powder is trusted have greater benefits for teeth and gums in treating bleeding gums, toothache, cavities, halitosis, yellow stains on the teeth and few other. Few drops of fresh tobacco juice extracted from its leaves when dropped into the ear have been proven to aid hearing and few other ear disorders.
  3. Treats depression: The Duke scientists in 2006 came up with a tantalizing news that people with depression revealed a tremendous decrease in their depression after being treated with nicotine patches. Nicotine is a rich chemical compound present in tobacco and this research proved the direct link between nicotine and a subjective increase in the discharge of two essential neurotransmitters namely dopamine and serotonin, the lack of which is regarded as a major cause for depression.
  4. Skin infections: Tobacco contains the skin-friendly Vitamin C, which has been effective in treating various skin disorders like eczema, burns and other skin infections. It’s also been said that chewing tobacco keeps your skin healthy as it releases Vitamin C while chewing.
  5. Effective treatment for Alopecia and Dandruff: A herbal preparation made with virgin coconut oil and powdered tobacco along with the Ayurvedic combinations like Bhringraj and Triphala Churnam is said to have positive effects on dandruff and Alopecia areata means baldness or hair loss in round patches.
  6. Best first aid for venomous Snake bite: Fresh tobacco leaves was trusted as the best first aid for venomous snake bites. For this, 50 grams of tobacco leaves is made into a paste and is mixed with 1 liter of water. The water is then filtered and given to the affected person, after which he vomits the snake poison along with this medicated liquid. The remaining tobacco leaves paste is then applied on the affected area to reduce the intensity of poison.
  7. Few other health conditions: Tobacco leaves have incidental proofs in treating few other health conditions like rheumatism, knee pain, night-blindness, swollen throat, tuberculosis, asthma and many others by using it in various ways either as a poultice, herbal decoction or in medicated oils.

Chewing tobacco strengthens your facial muscles and is also a good exercise for your jaw. It makes you charged instantly than your cup of coffee or tea can do in energizing you. With all these health benefits, the use of tobacco, the very next time will have something to succor your heart and uplift your mind but still take heed that overuse has much more adverse effects than these health benefits listed above…. Happy Chewing:) (but with care and concern, after all your health is your real wealth).

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Ayurvedic Importance of Fragrance and Aroma

Fragrance plays an important role in determining your mood and mood swings are often controlled by sweet smelling odors in the field of Aromatherapy, which is an incredible part Ayurveda. A celebrated book on Aromatherapy states that fragrance can aid in alleviating pain and have a significant impact on your behavior and personality. We cannot disagree with the fact that ‘Odors vest deeply within our minds even after many years’. If you ask me about my memorable fragrances I would tell you the fresh, elite and the exquisite fragrance of red roses that reminds me about my favorite time in my aunt’s garden during my childhood days and the relishing smell of fried potatoes make me feel like being with my Mom. At this juncture, let’s have a look at the Ayurvedic importance of fragrance and aroma in healing mankind.

1. Aroma for complete care: Aromatherapy is one of the significant methods of Ayurveda, which is used to treat the individuals according to their Ayurvedic body types like vata, pitta and kapha. For this purpose, Ayurveda suggests the use of essential oils and the natural aroma of herbs. This is trusted to enhance the function of the brain and promote well-being from within.

Most of the times these Ayurvedic essential oils are applied to the skin or used in some form or the other in which the skin comes in contact with the aroma. Human skin is the effective channel through which the benefits of these aromatic oils pass through the bloodstream making the system hale and hearty. Many researchers have proved that the natural aroma augments the functionality, relieves pain, supports mood fluctuations and revives the human body, which is a part of nature.

2. The healing properties of Ayurvedic essential oils: Ayurveda trusts in nature and any form of healing using nature’s gifts falls under Ayurveda. According to this thought, essential oils are extracted from leaves, stem, flowers, roots, bark or from other parts of a plant and essential oils is the backbone of Aromatherapy that is used to boost physical and mental fitness. There have been instances in which Ayurvedic essential oils are used to treat innumerable conditions and the gentle aroma of a handful of essential oils is proven to enhance the function of heart and blood circulation.

3. Ayurvedic Tea: Nothing other than a refreshing cup of tea with an enriching aroma can give the right start to your day. The three types of Ayurvedic tea according to the individual body types are anti-strain tea, stimulating tea and balancing tea. These teas are caffeine-free and grant you the real freshness while maintaining the right metabolism of your body.

4. Expert Ayurvedic Massage therapy: An expert Ayurvedic massage therapy with the right essential oils can offer you plenty of health benefits. These essential oils are chosen in such a way that they are infused with a heartening and soothing aroma, which would help you chase out stress, depression, fear, anxiety, insomnia, nervous disorders and many more. An Ayurvedic massage aids in revitalizing your mind, reducing muscular pains, relaxing your nervous system, improving the texture of your skin and striking a perfect balance between your mind and body.

Ayurveda is a spiritual medicinal system that has been practiced for more than 5,000 years and if this historical healing art states that aroma has a greater impact on our health, how can we refute it?? Try using any of the above mentioned ways to experience the power of a natural fragrance.

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Ayurvedic Fragrance Oils To Back Your System This Summer

Ayurveda is steadily spreading in the Western countries and has its roots deeply vested with India, which has the oldest traditional history in the world. There is some or the other treatment in Ayurveda for all kinds of ailments and it has something for every individual. Be it winter or summer, the remedial measures of Ayurveda is ready to lend its hands in spur-of-the-moment.

Summer has its own joyous occasions blended with excess loss of energy. It is the most suitable season for numerous tourist spots, allowing the visitors to enjoy their fullest at this peak time of year. Your prickly heat powders, sunscreen lotions and other skin care products for summer might fail to withstand the heat at it is applied externally. Taking prescription drugs during this burning heat might harm your intestinal and digestive systems causing other side effects like allergy and other kinds of skin infections.

Then how to play it safe with your health during this sizzling summer? The aromatic and amusing way to give sun the slip is to use the harmless fragrance oils extracted through the Ayurvedic formula. Ayurvedic Fragrance oils can be defined as innate essential oils extracted from plants and being diluted with a carrier including vegetable oils, mineral oils, propylene glycol and many others. These oils are a blend of aroma compounds that make it prominent in the thriving industries like aromatherapy, cosmetic and perfumery.

According to the Ayurvedic science of healing illness, aroma plays a vital role in treating your senses and enhances your emotional and mental stability for improved living. Ayurvedic fragrance oils can assist you throughout the summer season and can stay along forever in your wits. Get ready to relive your moment this summer with these fragrance oils.

Citrus Mist Fragrance oil: A heavenly blend of bracing citrus oils like lime, lemon and orange with the touch of eucalyptus, rose, jasmine, violet and camphor can show you the door to health and harmony during this fiery summer season. Use it in your diffuser and enjoy the difference that it spells in your life.

Frankincense fragrance oil: When the weather is extremely dry and extracts all your energy and makes you feel sultry, think of the fresh and feather-touch Frankincense fragrance oil that can take you to a moist, earthy, woody and a rich environment filled with the newness of just dropped dews.  That’s the exact magical feeling that this sweet-smelling oil brings in to fulfill your days.

Ylang Ylang oil: Ylang Ylang is the angelic oil celebrated for its divine fragrance. It has myriad mesmerizing and cooling properties. The literal meaning of this fragrance oil’s name is ‘flower of flowers’. The sweet, spicy, exotic, fresh and floral aroma kindles your senses and calms your nerves. It aids in putting an end to rage, fury, frustration, insomnia, intestinal infectivity, high blood pressure, anxiety, nervous disorders, rapid heartbeat and breathing imbalances. Adding few drops to your diffuser or to your bath tub can bring all the tranquility in the world within your room, forcing you to forget the summer blues.

You can also try fragrance oils of sandalwood, the base fruits, violet, melon, honey and flowers. Everything can come in your kitty without biting your pocket.

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